Presentations and Workshops for Educators, Parents and Professionals

The goal of my presentations and workshops is to provide information of practical value that is uplifting, encouraging, and ennobling, offered in style that is entertaining, engaging, and participative. I offer presentations for educators, parents, mental health workers, executives and office personnel, university students, and any group interested in personal development.

A list of my frequently requested presentations follows:

  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Mission/Vision Retreats
  • 7 Keys to Positive and Effective Communication
  • Bullying: What It Is, What It’s Not, Who’s Responsible, and What We Can Do about It (also appropriate for safe environment training for school staff and adult volunteers)
  • How Are You Feeling?: The Nine Dimensions of Personal Wellness and Happiness
  • Enabling, Indulging, Rescuing, and Controlling . . . and What You Can Do Instead
  • And individually designed presentations as requested

“Super! Presenter was awesome and a great speaker!” “Tear-jerking, heartfelt, genuine.” “This is a great session and I feel it should be a required session for all attendees!!!” 
Texas PTA Annual Convention 

“Excellent presentation and materials! Info was very useful and relative to our job! Presenter did a great job.”
Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association Convention